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There is no better feeling that you can have on a golf course than stepping confidently up to the tee box, and smashing your ball 300-plus yards down the middle of the fairway. The looks on your opponents' faces will tell the story, They'll know that they're in for a very long day.

With the technology that is available today in drivers such as the movable weight technology available in the TaylorMade R7 and the TaylorMade R9,  there is no reason that anyone should have a problem long and straight.  The R7 and R9 are innovators of  Flight Control Technology and Movable Weight Technology which allows each golfer to adjust the  face angle, lie angle, loft and Center of Gravity to affect side-to-side ball flight up to 75 yards.

If you're a golfer who has suffered from hitting the ball off the heel or toe of your driver then  we recommend that you take a look a the Callaway Big Bertha Diablo. The makers of the Diablo (Callaway) spent three years of developing it's new Hyperbolic Face Technology. What this technology does is redefines the speed at which golf balls leave the clubface by strategically re-shaping the face with a hyperbolic curve. This reshaping delivers an increased impact and efficiency while producing a larger effective hitting area. The end result of this is higher ball speeds across the entire face. With your Big Bertha Diablo driver, you will enjoy increased distance on off-center hits, giving you less variation between the balls you hit in the center of the clubface and balls you don't.

Take your time, browse our selection of drivers and prepare to Let the Big Dog Eat!

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