TaylorMade R7

The claims by club makers are often many, but the results are not always what in line with the hype.  Far too often a club will claim to change your game but leave you with less than warm feelings about it after a few games.  The TaylorMade R7 just might be one of the only clubs that truly lives up to it's claims.

With it's removable weights, the TaylorMade R7 is versatile and can be tailored to each shot.  When you notice that your swing is a little off, simply make an adjustment to the club and it will correct the issue.  If you aren't sure what to do with the weights, simply leave them in the neutral setting and this club still performs well.  Many golfers claim that this club has added at least 30 yards to their shots, so if you tend to hit a little short, try out a TaylorMade R7.  It's hard to believe that such an affordable club can do so much for your game.  After all, you could spend much more on a club than the R7's price range, and not get nearly as much out of it.  This is a club that you must have.

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